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New Puzzle Porn Games

Spot Book Spot Book
There is an interactive book with two similar hentai pictures on each spread. You should find all the differences between those images to go the next level.
Foam Party Slider Foam Party Slider
Slide puzzle pieces across the screen to restore the original hentai images.
Bikini Slider Bikini Slider
If you like solving slider puzzles and getting hentai pictures as a reward then you're gonna like this game. Enjoy!
Love Memoria Love Memoria
This tiny 3d sex game could help you to train your memory and learn some fancy sex positions in the same time. Cheers!
Grand Bang Auto

More Adult Games

Erotic Points Erotic Points
To win in this game and be able to explore a whole gallery of exciting hentai pictures, you have to collect all the green spots on the levels.
SimBro v0.5 SimBro v0.5
There is another significant update of SimBro sex game that brings together brothel manager trivia with sexy story lines and battles. Authors made a good job by putting in a lot of new content. Enjoy the result!
Erotic Slider: Halloween Party Erotic Slider: Halloween Party
This is the last game in series of Halloween games for this year. Enjoy the slider puzzle full of sexy witch girls :)
Lustful Hentai Chicks 4 Lustful Hentai Chicks 4
When you play hentai memory games you train your brain of course, but at the same time your mood is getting better as well. Don't miss that chance to make yourself a bit smarter and happier :)
Dream Sex World

More Cartoon Porn

Boobalicious Puzzled 3 Boobalicious Puzzled 3
What we have for you today is the final part of "Boobalicious Puzzled" trilogy. As always, the game is filled with huge tittied cuties pictures.
Lustful Hentai Chicks 3 Lustful Hentai Chicks 3
Lustful hentai chicks are back! And this time they're more beautiful than ever before.. and again, you must play cards to enjoy their curvy bodies! Use your mouse to to set two or three cards with same picture and clear the game field.
Erotic Slider Erotic Slider
If you like solving slider puzzles and getting hentai pictures as a reward then you're gonna like this game.
Recognize the Star Recognize the Star
You goal in this game is to find the pictures of the same pornstar, that is shown on the big picture on your left side of the screen. Small pictures are falling from the top. If you see the picture of the same pornstar, click on it. You must find 5 pictures of her.
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More Free Sex Games

Boobalicious Puzzled 2 Boobalicious Puzzled 2
I would like to bring this second part of Boobalicious Puzzled to your attention. As usual, the rules are the same as before and very simple. Collect all the pieces together to enjoy fresh hentai loops.
Nude Paintings Parodies Nude Paintings Parodies
Picasso, Ingres, Courbet, Goya, Modigliani, Lautrec, Titian, Degas and many more will show you how art history is more exciting than you thought.
Boobalicious Puzzled Boobalicious Puzzled
Another brainstorming hentai puzzle for your entertainment. There are several scenes each has a few ways to solve it. All the scenes are animated and girls in them have really huge boobs!
Lustful Hentai Chicks 2 Lustful Hentai Chicks 2
Another sex puzzle game with handsome busty chicks! Just match all the card pairs to pass to a next level. Be focused cuz time is limited!
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