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Hentai Attentiveness Test Hentai Attentiveness Test
This little test will help you to measure your attentiveness level to your sex partner's needs. As always there are some decent hentai pics.
February 5th
Test: Sex or Relations? Test: Sex or Relations?
Scientists have found out that various tests actually help to improve your memory. And I guess that juicy hentai pictures could make even better :)
January 28th
Geo Strip Quiz with Kelly Geo Strip Quiz with Kelly
To see the beautiful Kelly getting rid of all her clothes, you'll have to prove that you're not totally ignorant when it comes to speak about geography and, for that, you'll have to answer correctly to enough questions about the capitols of the world.
December 25th
Your Animal Instinct Your Animal Instinct
What animal do you associate yourself with? Find out what animal sign suits you best.
November 9th
Autumn Sex Test Autumn Sex Test
It’s autumn, and it’s time to get hotter! This small test will help you how to brighten up the autumn evenings. Play this test now to find out more!
September 14th
Summer Time Sex Summer Time Sex
This hentai-themed test will help you to determine your sex preferences for this summer. Answer the questions and enjoy hot hentai pics.
July 7th
Holombo: Solo 2 Holombo: Solo 2
Solo continues! Adri still wants to fuck his neighbor as a dirty whore. But Susi will amaze us – today she would come and show all her dirty tricks and lustful desires.
June 18th
Spring Desires Spring Desires
Now it’s a spring time! The time to go out and find someone to fuck. This test will help you out to know how to do it. After the test there will be a little bonus ;)
April 14th
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More Adult Games

Math Quiz with Angelica Kitten Math Quiz with Angelica Kitten
If you're not good at math, this game will help you to polish up your school knowledge. Sexy teacher Angelica strips down every time you give the right answer. Beat the whole game to watch her totally naked :)
March 20th
Holombo Solo Holombo Solo
The second game of the Holombo series. Today lustful Pancho will snoop on his depraved redhead neighbor. This slut is hot as hell! Tonight is the night of her solo!
March 11th
Slut From High School Slut From High School
This slut tries to pass the exam to lustful professor who just pretends to be an honest family man. Let’s see how he spanked her and fuck right in the classroom.
January 25th
Your Sex Toy Your Sex Toy
How about to add some spark to your sex life using role-playing costumes or sex toys? Taking this test helps you to find out what kind of those things fit you best.
January 21st
Geo Strip Quiz with Frankie Babe Geo Strip Quiz with Frankie Babe
Challenge the delicious Fanke Babe, a beautiful girl from Manchester UK, to a strip game of geography quiz! As for the sexy game with Marta, you have a very small minute to find sixteen different capitals of the world. So, don't waste your time!
December 15th
Sex Harmony Test Sex Harmony Test
The objective of this test is to determine the harmonicity of your sexual life. Answer all the questions and get some nice hentai pictures as a reward.
November 28th
POV House Anna POV House Anna
A new POV House game for your attention. Together with a rookie porn actress Anna you can create your own porn movie. In the beginning we get know that Anna is crazy about anal sex, such the scenes she does best :) As a matter of this fact, you can add some ass banging parts to your scenario. Enjoy!
November 27th
Exposing Sexy Mina Exposing Sexy Mina
This game features a real female who you attempt to take advantage of. She's a new stewardess and you are the captain and her boss. Different options lead to different outcomes. See if you can make her do pervy things!
October 22nd

More Cartoon Porn

Your Halloween Test Your Halloween Test
Take this little adult test and find out the best way to spend your Halloween time. Just be honest answering the questions and you'll get some hot hentai pictures.
October 21st
POV House Amelie POV House Amelie
POV House games are like some kind of interactive porn clips. By playing this game, you create you own scenario. Your model for today is Amelie. You will love her amazing funbags and sweet shaved pussy.
September 19th
USA Quiz with Blanca USA Quiz with Blanca
Blanca is back in the sexy education game. She'll check your knowledge on the capitols of the USA states. If you don't know just click on your best guess and if you're lucky enough, you'll see her very hot strip. Blanca really likes clever guys!
September 18th
The Man's Test The Man's Test
Sexual test to finally find out who you are. Are you a desperate man? Can you be irresistible? Do you have inferiority complex? Just honestly answer few intimate questions and you'll get your personal sex characteristic. You can see one hentai animation as a bonus in the end of game.
July 19th
Your Place for Rest Your Place for Rest
Now it’s time to rest up! Pass this test to find out which place for your sexual holidays is better for you! After the test there will be a little bonus ;) Have a nice holidays!
July 14th
Math Quiz with Rachel Travers Math Quiz with Rachel Travers
Rachel Travers comes from the UK and she loves guys who are good at Math. If you're such a person, Rachel will show you what she can do with her sex toy.
July 8th
The Bitcher The Bitcher
This adult RPG is called The Bitcher as a parody of The Witcher. The game has a few endings and I think it would be interesting to find all of them.
July 3rd
Ass, Tits, Pussy or Mouth? Ass, Tits, Pussy or Mouth?
This little quiz will help you to find out which female body part you like most. As usual, you'll get a bunch of hentai pics as a reward.
June 5th

More Free Sex Games

Anime Babes: Pink Paradise Anime Babes: Pink Paradise
Bad news came from the white House. The president decided that hentai is the biggest evil in the world and banned it. This is your chance to save the world of cartoon porn. Go to the white house and fuck every chick along the way!
April 3rd
Anatomy Quiz Anatomy Quiz
Take this little quiz to test your knowledge of female bodies. You need to find the right model after you got her boobs or pussy picture.
March 23rd
Speed Math Quizz with Piper Speed Math Quizz with Piper
Red-haired beauty Piper is going to check your math knowledge. The rules are simple, Each time you give a right aswer, she strips for you. If you can beat a whole game, you will see a special bonus video where Piper plays with a dildo.
February 3rd
Your Sex Outfit Christmas Edition Your Sex Outfit Christmas Edition
This test is a combination of erotic pics and psychology science. Answer 14 simple questions to get advice about new things you can use in your sex life. Hot pictures of hentai beauties will entertain you while the testing.
December 14th
Your Secret Pleasure Your Secret Pleasure
We're going to the researching lab where we'll pass another sexual test under the direction of the busty blonde professor. She will ask you some intimate questions about your sexual life and preferences. After the test you can fuck that bitch :)
October 13th
Sex on a Beach Sex on a Beach
A little flash test created to determine your sexuality during the vacation season. The author asserts that his test is based on a british sexual therapists research. But who cares about it? When you answered all the questions, you'll get a couple of hentai animations as a reward.
September 1st
Kelly and Monica Kelly and Monica
Tonight is time for a date with sexy flight attendant of PlayForceOne airlines Kelly. She is waiting for you in her apartment, situated in the centre of Passion City. During the last phone call she said she has a surprise for you. So you wonder what it can be...
August 20th
Place for Sex Place for Sex
If place for sex does matter for you, this game will help you to choose the good one. You should honestly answer 15 questions about your sexual preferences. In the end you will get some hentai bonuses.
August 5th
Sex World 3D
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