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Strip Blackjack with Jaclyn

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Today you will play blackjack against pornstar Jaclyn Case. Her career in the porn industry goes down and she tries to earn some money playing the card games. Let's strip this bitch and take her last money :)
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marc 2011-07-13 16:04:06
nice game
I hate numbers 2011-07-13 16:07:53
Cool game
HugeFitsGreat 2011-07-13 17:40:37
Cumming on these perfect tits....
nice 2011-07-13 18:02:59
good game
Meh 2011-07-13 18:04:55
This game is obnoxiously transparent in the way it cheats.
lone ranger 2011-07-13 18:40:05
well, that was easy
Ramcock 2011-07-13 20:55:41
I love to strip girls! Difficult when she draws so many blackjacks but I like the double and split options, quite rare for a blackjack game.
cutie88 2011-07-13 21:10:08
nice pics
Blarg 2011-07-13 23:38:58
It looks like in this game that it doesn't matter how much money you just need to win the hand to get to the next picture. Therefore, betting low and taking out insurance when you get the chance is by far the best method.
tokiko 2011-07-14 01:52:43
wanna some fun on cam add me merenejhones@yahuu.c o m
celia_mendoza31 2011-07-14 08:56:03
check my profile
Anonymous 2011-07-14 10:16:25
nice pics but this isn't blackjack
sweet becky 2011-07-14 11:42:49
not bad but my pics are way hotter:)
madman1 2011-07-14 12:51:49
check my profile
IrenneBaby 2011-07-14 16:05:04
at least it was blackjack and not poker
sexyhornylesbian 2011-07-14 21:30:19
yea thats true and check pro
t_nadia 2011-07-16 15:17:27
i want to play that game with a guy... don't worry i won't wear much=)
AngieSweet 2011-07-16 15:18:42
Well, at least it's not one of those damn poker games.
niceguy 2011-07-16 16:56:34
Hot girl with great tits, would love to fuck her.
m3talhed 2011-07-18 03:26:44
Why does it not load for me :(
steve-O 2011-07-18 10:16:59
she has nice tits
lannezc 2011-07-18 10:24:58
its a nice game. check my profile
dariaolsen 2011-07-18 11:12:29
no reason to ever bet more than fifty, the pic changes every hand you win regardless of how much cash you have
tokiko 2011-07-22 01:31:34
wanna some fun on cam im horny add me merenejhones@yahuu. c o m
tantino 2011-07-23 19:32:05
wow this game stand uc my dick
tantino 2011-07-23 19:32:23
check my profile check my profile
tantino 2011-07-23 19:32:50
wanna some fun on cam im horny add me m s .n
tantino 2011-07-23 19:33:04
no reason to ever bet more than fifty, the pic changes every hand you win regardless of how much cash you have
soad18 2011-07-24 05:44:08
hey any girls wanna trade pics or tlk txt me at 219-381-1612. im m/18
RUHOT4MY8==> 2011-07-24 07:36:20
Can't Stand to lose!
cutie88 2011-07-24 14:39:44
it's okay needs some action
ItaCurious 2011-08-06 21:34:18
nice girl...really hot.
xXxRuffyxXx 2011-08-10 20:35:17
Great Game, she is perfect.
dalekdoctor 2011-08-22 02:48:47
Girls message me at:
flintscott69 2013-01-31 05:40:07
Jaclyn is so cute and sexy!!!
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