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Meet and Fuck: Queen's Blade Zombie Rush

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Good news, fans of Queen's Blade anime series. There are 5 most sexy characters to fuck hard! This halloween one horny zombie used to love them all :-)
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Comments (62)
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Freestyler 2014-10-17 18:06:19
Fiiiiiirst :-P
bomber 2014-10-17 18:39:42
second !!!!
Steel Rod 2014-10-17 18:58:17
Im the first non-number moron. Great game!!!
Darkyax 2014-10-17 19:31:47
Hello there
bitch 2014-10-17 19:43:58
they should put out way more full games
Karen90 2014-10-17 20:06:37
it got me so wet come and play whit me
HornyJass 2014-10-17 20:44:13
loved it, I especially loved the anal part
Sexy Man 2014-10-17 21:19:32
Anyone from UAE so we Meet N Fuck????
mystery s*x slave girl 2014-10-18 01:20:00
too bad there was no oral or sex toys... but still a nice game got me turned on
SexyBaby94 2014-10-18 01:48:05
Hey guys, check out my profile ;)
Happy Qin Dynasty 2014-10-18 02:00:16
Haha, DoW soundtrack
chrisnight 2014-10-18 04:47:27
glad to see some anal
benzykat 2014-10-18 05:00:24
not too bad
Mmm 2014-10-18 05:09:55
HornyJass i agree on your saxy tits, i loved the anal to scane, how about i see u in some anal action yourself? : 3 heh.
Sirbee 2014-10-18 06:50:38
any cute femboys or ebony girl with nice big asses email me please with your nice asses or videos -kiss your butts- and ill do the same, as we'll start to a nice friendship : p
fucker king cumsluts 2014-10-18 07:19:23
t_nadia 2014-10-18 08:33:11
fucking hot game
hoyguy 2014-10-18 11:38:12
awesome game got me so horny and hard wanna play with me, girl's check-out my profile,
hoyguy 2014-10-18 12:07:29
awesome game got me so horny and hard wanna play with me, girl's check-out my profile,
JSR0895 2014-10-18 15:43:18
Anyone know what the songs are called?
strokinwoody 2014-10-18 16:43:58
Very nice game. Got me all hard and covered in pre-cum. Girl's check out my profile.
vhuvh 2014-10-18 18:38:39
good game
HornyJak 2014-10-18 19:10:12
good game got me hard and horny
Helpful 2014-10-18 19:14:40
@JSR0895 The songs are from a game called Dawn of War's OST; look it up on YouTube and you'll find them.
dariaolsen 2014-10-18 21:14:11
awesome! i love big cocks
malena94 2014-10-19 00:26:09
check out my profile :)
nathsan 2014-10-19 01:11:19
mmm really hot game!
Kid 2014-10-19 12:00:06
Anyone from Romaina?
ss112358 2014-10-20 18:56:05
Cute girls. Pretty dull game.
sexynudeguy 2014-10-20 19:52:52
got me horny, i came
random 2014-10-21 05:06:50
blond one's tits are far apart cannot unsee
sweet becky 2014-10-21 08:09:25
too short
nesteam12345 2014-10-22 11:15:36
made me hard actually
dody 2014-10-22 21:24:37
wow nice game
boring 2014-10-22 23:48:20
not really that great. no cum shot on titty fuck.
Grim_Reaper 2014-10-23 05:12:25
geez, more nmuber kids in an adult game room - your mommy will spank you when ya get caught - can we say " incest " ya under age pos...
Grim_Reaper 2014-10-23 05:14:31
I LOVE flesh eating ZOMBIES esp female ones with big tits - yum yum
tomi 2014-10-23 06:48:31
geiles spiel
cutie88 2014-10-23 08:03:35
loved the scene with barbarian girl. nice creampie
mmmmmmm 2014-10-23 12:24:23
m mmmmmmmmmmmmm
ryan 2014-10-24 07:42:01
o gatas tudo bem
alyssalovetattoe 2014-10-25 23:54:48
H O R N Y and bored check my profile ;)
fuckstoworld 2014-10-27 08:14:22
more full games on fuckstoworld dot com
Complaint. Odor. 2014-11-06 04:40:47
The third bitch at the center did not cum, dafuq?
sexlover 2014-11-10 12:38:13
nice game
sexlover 2014-11-10 12:38:40
who want fuck with me
ludmilaxx 2014-11-11 17:30:42
lol @sexlover nobpody her to sex with u :P
dariaolsen 2014-11-13 18:47:01
hot game
carly_rose90 2014-11-20 19:13:43
Hey guys check me out!
Name 2014-12-20 20:55:52
it's time to earn from their computer !!!!!!
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