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Naughty School Mona

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The game goal is to find 16 differences between 2 pictures with no mistake to witness a really hot nude picture of Mona.
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Comments (32)
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Oi 2013-12-12 17:55:44
Numero Uno
this game! 2013-12-12 18:24:56
this game is really really hard
Bored 2013-12-12 19:07:41
To hard for the reward you get.
hugecock1259 2013-12-12 19:28:34
really hard game girls add me on skype cam2cam kupis1dobis2
rageragerage 2013-12-12 19:31:41
spent 30 minutes on this game found everything one shitty picture the winner for best troll game is this bull shit
angry 2013-12-12 19:32:28
There are 3 little difference that aren't difference. Fuck this shit!!
Fallen 2013-12-12 19:35:35
I can find last one... geez help me ;_;
Leon 2013-12-12 21:25:30
I've found all but 1.... this is pretty annoying...
Sicky 2013-12-12 21:41:17
finally, only 10 sec
Dragon 2013-12-12 23:05:40
Fuck this Shit! Its so Hard and the picture is very lame. Forget it!
Mystery man 2013-12-12 23:49:11
easy game, boring in-fact, bad prize, List: bottom part of breast, just above left light missing tile, left side of background missing wall post thing at very top, wire on left and right light=2, middle of her back, side of her left leg, back part of her neck, eye, bear thing on her head, right light in-between the light and top panel, in-between her legs skirt, blouse in-front of her breasts missing stripe, bottom part of big light missing shadow, her earring and top part of her hear =2
ajeje 2013-12-13 00:15:08
simply... but finally picture it's a too little gift -_-
kinda annoyed 2013-12-13 00:30:15
Some of the differences are smaller than the visual artifacts created by the rendering of compressed images... like the pin in her hair... it's nose which is missing on one is smaller than some of the artifacts I am seeing. Also what's wrong with this girls neck... it must be broken with how well she twists her head around.
woodyshaw 2013-12-13 01:50:46
different hey ladies hit me up
help 2013-12-13 03:14:50
help me i cant find all the differences
nya! 2013-12-13 03:32:53
Which part of the big light has the shadow?
Faggothus 2013-12-13 07:36:15
Blink on her back, blink on her tit, blink on her neck, 2nd ring in her ear, 3rd ring on her ear, eye, yellowbearfuck, red line near her tit, skirt between her legs, ring on her sock, hole up to the round lamp, wire on the right, wire on the left, up-right lamps' carcass, up-left black stuff, lost tile on the left. THIS GAME SUCKS CUZ REWARD SUCKS.
ss112358 2013-12-13 14:07:45
My glasses correct my eyes to better than normal vision. Without the ability to zoom, this is a very poor quality difference game. Waste of time.
ss112358 2013-12-13 14:20:56
Googled a bit and found a larger frame version: darkereve DOT deviantart DOT com SLASH art SLASH Naughty-School-Mona-Game-413506350
done 2013-12-13 16:52:24
the hardest one to find was the one on the spot light top flange bottom right corner. man I could not find that one for the longest time.
alyssalovetattoe 2013-12-13 19:53:54
so hot game, check my profile so we can have fun better
wq 2013-12-14 03:48:56
ptm no encuentro la ultima
sweet becky 2013-12-14 10:18:10
some differences are very hard to find
stupidgamefor1picture 2013-12-14 15:28:55
Nuff said!
extasse 2013-12-15 01:00:06
very hard
... 2013-12-15 13:30:24
Honestly, just hit darkereve's blogspot. Same girl, but better pictures.
ShavedM 2013-12-16 16:35:51
found all differences,girls look at my profile
AnonDelivers 2014-01-23 07:17:56
ix the URL: imgur (DOT) com (FORWARDSLASH) tTgyt2t In case the image gets removed, here is an exact list from top to bottom (in that order): 1. Top left section of reflector sheet missing black rail 2. Top right light is missing the black cover 3. Yellow Bear Hairclip is missing its black nose 4. Eye is red instead of green 5. Top Ear missing a ring 6. Bottom earring has extra round part 7. Mid-neck on her back missing shiny spot 8. Left just above the middle lamp an orange tile is black 9. Tit / Breast missing shiny spot 10. Front of Tit / Breast missing Red Stripe 11. Mi...
AnonDelivers 2014-01-23 07:19:11
1. Top left section of reflector sheet missing black rail, 2. Top right light is missing the black cover, 3. Yellow Bear Hairclip is missing its black nose, 4. Eye is red instead of green, 5. Top Ear missing a ring, 6. Bottom earring has extra round part, 7. Mid-neck on her back missing shiny spot, 8. Left just above the middle lamp an orange tile is black, 9. Tit / Breast missing shiny spot, (continue)
AnonDelivers 2014-01-23 07:19:21
10. Front of Tit / Breast missing Red Stripe, 11. Middle of her lower Back missing shiny spot, 12. Bottom right "round lamp" connector for "top fin blade" is solid instead of 2 separate pins, 13. Bottom right "round lamp" wire is missing, 14. Skirt is missing just below her panty, 15. Left leg stocking missing a ring, 16. Left middle lamp missing wire at the bottom section
Grisette 2014-08-10 03:41:45
it isn't worth the effort
maxlindt 2017-03-31 19:56:47
very good