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Divided Heart

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The protagonist of this game has faced with a serious problem. The work has sucked all the energy out of his lovely wife. Their marriage is falling apart in a hurry. Just a few weeks ago everything was almost on track. Things were so much better between them, but now... All she cares about is work. They haven't even slept together in like 3 weeks. You need to do something, and fast, to help him to save their relationship.
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if you unlock lexi's appartment you can do a glitch where after work when home, jogging and lexi are options you go see lexi and you do an action, it sends you home and you can leave and see her again over and over
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it's just me or this game has a bug? after the second week, every day is sunday so every day i caught camille with the other guy
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to get threesome ending you should try to reunite with Camille when you catch her with another man at the last day
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3rd ending. When Lexi comes to your office say no to her when she spreads her legs. Take Lexi for a lot of dates, and increase her Relationship to 60 or above and have sex with her at least once. When Camille goes out for a drink with friends, follow her and then when you find her with another guy, accuse her of cheating and leave her and go talk to Lexi. That`s it. You get ending 3. :)
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it's a fairly straight forward game, needs more options for actions and using money to make it better
dadada 2014-11-29 07:50:51
in ending 1 there should be a scene where he realizes that baby isn't his :)
Unknown 2014-11-29 05:49:45
i've managed to get ending 1, 2 and 4... but how to get ending 3? anyone?
Norshee 2014-11-29 05:31:32
How to play the full game?I always finish 1/4 of the game.Who can help me?Thx
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i've found a bug... if you cum inside Camille's mouth when she wears the red lingerie, menu screen will appear and you can only load the game from the beginning or start a new game
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Pursue lexi until you get her home address then you can do stuff with her and leave the house again infinitely
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