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Elana Champion of Lust (Alpha 0.8)

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It's still not a final version, just an alpha 0.8, but there are some new sexy sites for you to explore. I guess you may enjoy it :)
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Comments (27)
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NOT Important 2015-06-30 18:54:21
jim 2015-06-30 19:27:38
it is fun
Red 2015-06-30 22:45:56
The tutorial mentions lots of things that aren't in the game, like inventory and gaining exp
Elena 2015-06-30 23:17:50
This game isn't done yet,There are many feature gonna come out you can go check this at, at our Blogspot.
lolete 2015-06-30 23:20:47
in spanish? omg THANKS creator!
Tits Mcgee 2015-07-01 00:59:52
what do you do after you get a place to 100%?
MissValentineXXX 2015-07-01 02:14:56
Check my profile ;)
SexyBaby94 2015-07-01 08:05:38
Hey guys, check out my profile ;)
WEJ 2015-07-01 08:36:20
Oh! Have no floor!
Karim 2015-07-01 08:45:25
U Are So Beautiful
Anon 2015-07-01 12:00:57
It is a pity that the Russian language is not present :(
gofdesire1 2015-07-01 12:36:50
this game could be perfect with some sound
sweet becky 2015-07-01 13:30:14
excellent quest! pity it's not finished yet
cate_sweetie 2015-07-01 22:02:04
I liked it! Check out my profile boys xxx
jeuxlibertin 2015-07-01 23:43:28
francophone visitez mon profil ! ;)
guba 2015-07-03 23:01:38
Think I have found the largest breasts in game, having seen the same big size on a few women. Then a rare even larger breasted women show up. Spent more time than I should admit trying to find that bust size women in every kind of outfit. Any possibility of making it more common? Maybe even making an even larger boob size women the new rare encounter?
LULU 2015-07-04 06:54:42
It is interesting.
LULU 2015-07-04 06:54:43
It is interesting.
Setho 2015-07-04 07:08:01
i love this game right now. hope it will be ready soon
dariaolsen 2015-07-04 21:59:13
wish i had that little sex toy
23rdAlchemist 2015-07-06 22:37:57
this game is pretty good right now, but when it is finished it will be f****ing bad as*. You guys have to finish it!!!
Mysterious Man 2015-07-07 18:10:02
Great concept. Can't wait for final version!
virgin 2015-07-12 06:47:46
ss 2015-07-14 22:51:49
okay fuck you virgin
question 2015-07-16 02:24:06
Can someone tell me what to do its doesnt really explain much
Johnny 2015-07-17 07:40:43
Someone can fuck me?
hibikbk 2015-09-14 18:50:44
put teleport hir