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Farm Stories

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The guy named Aaron lives on a small farm in Texas. There is nothing much to do for him this summer but trying randomly picking on the local hotties :)
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asdfds 2015-12-03 17:43:21
first !!
guardian 2015-12-03 18:09:46
first to say second!!
fan 2015-12-03 22:48:55
this is a friqin good game I love lesson of passion
Nigel 2015-12-04 00:44:25
ttttre fgjhfjghjg tyjrtyj
Shit 2015-12-04 01:44:43
That hit my monitor...
123 2015-12-04 12:40:43
how the fck do you do this
Z 2015-12-04 13:25:52
1337 2015-12-04 13:57:23
to get the mom, tie up wendy with the rope from the farm, take the first photo of her, then untie her WITHOUT teasing her, then talk to her boyfriend and pick the option that says she has a surprise for him and he will leave, go inside, give her the booze, rub her arm, say she looks amazing, DON'T click the one that asks if you're interrupting because the son will come back, try to flirt with her, kiss her, kiss her deeply, then get the correct sequence of places to touch her, then you can initiate full sex and get the good mother ending.
f 2015-12-04 21:42:05
how to fuck wendy
Wendy 2015-12-04 21:49:22
How to get wendy?
Ifanam 2015-12-04 22:07:29
Kiss her from behind after you've given her weed, then ask if she's up for the famous break we've all clicked.
darlove9 2015-12-05 11:23:19
how do you fuck Wendy and the girl in the barn?
yolo 2015-12-05 13:55:06
Wendy and trixie can not be fucked i think
1337 2015-12-05 16:21:04
everyone can be fucked
Dean 2015-12-05 16:55:17
Screwed things up with Wendy and the mom. But at least I got Trixie!
Billy 2015-12-05 17:12:49
how to reach "it isnt my thing"?
Angello 2015-12-05 18:27:25
To get Wendy ul need to do the Trixie scene first after you apologise and got out go to wendy show her the photo, undress her bra, rub her belly,try to pull down her pants, tell her to turn around, touch her ass,pull her pants down then game on....hope this helps
Angello 2015-12-05 18:56:57
ops! my bad.... my comment earlier was for Trixie...for wendy just get the weed mission but before that pick all the box except the "you look good in black" and the take break. only pick this after you give her the weed and kiss her neck and after the if you have done the ice cream mission for trixie pick the "ask her to do naughty things" and she'll take you to a shed take the rope beside her take it to wendy inside the barn, pick all the choices, use the rope, take her pic,tease her..like lifting her skirt and something, grab her boobs, take pic again, untie her and fuck her(wendy ending)......
SofiaGomez91 2015-12-05 20:05:47
wow that was amazing!!! played 3 times to get all the different ending!!! SO HOT!!!!
??? 2015-12-06 05:39:08
How in the hell do you embarrass Wendy???
darlove9 2015-12-06 07:53:44
how do you fuck Trixie?
answer ??? 2015-12-06 10:50:13
give her the weed then kiss her from behind then ask for the break, have the rope with you, use all option without asking about trixie, then tie her up and go on with the right spots.
Sebbefucker 2015-12-06 16:22:49
Nice fucking game
jndsojjnf 2015-12-06 19:46:37
how about the full instructions for the mom scene, cuz i have failed that nine times in a row?
Rofl 2015-12-07 11:20:12
Guys how do i tie Trixie, i have rope and shit but can't find the right botton or spot for it.
Exitd 2015-12-07 14:01:36
Nice game but too easy... it miss some titfucking !
Help 2015-12-07 22:05:52
Can any1 tell me exact places/paces to follow to unlock the mom scene?i keep getting left aside after she fingers hersellf.
pateli 2015-12-08 03:37:43
completed the whole game.
Luis 2015-12-08 10:31:42
Hello, I have already obtained all achievements least one, how do I get the achievement of ''secret romance''?
Dang 2015-12-08 12:18:03
ll three needs you to go to Trixie first. If you want the mum, there is no need to say anything else to Trixie, but just grab the rope from her barn. Then go talk to Wendy but don't comment on her black dress and don't need to ask her to go for a break the first time. Leave her and go to Terence, and grab that weed. Talking is unnecessary. Go back to Wendy and give her the weed. Then kiss her and ask her to go for a break. Talk to her but again, don't mention Trixie. Tie her up and take a photo of her. Untie her and go back to Terence. Tell him about a surprise Wendy has for him. Go into t...
Dang 2015-12-08 12:19:22
...Go into the house and give the mum the wine. Caress her arm. Then talk to her but don't ask if you're interrupting her. Kiss her and then kiss her more passionately. Compliment her smile, but no need to ask her about Terence and no need to ask her to remove her heels. Tell her to play with her boobs. Then play with her pussy. Move close and lick her. Caress her calves. Ask her to turn around and touch her ass. Release her thong and ask her to finger herself. Ask her to suck her finger. Promise her you would try. You got the mum.
Dang 2015-12-08 12:39:53
If you want Wendy, follow as my first comment above until "take a photo of her". Tease her. Put hand under panties. Raise her skirt. Grab her boobs. Take another picture. Remove top and untie. Take from behind. You got Wendy.
Dang 2015-12-08 12:40:03
If you want Trixie, talk to Trixie but don't ask about Terence and don't ask her to get naughty the first time. Then follow as my first comment above until "take a photo of her". Now untie her and go back to Trixie. Offer ice cream. Massage her calf. Ask her if she wants to get naughty. Show her Wendy's photo. Take her bra off. Massage belly. Lower her pants. Turn her around. Touch her ass. Remove her pants. You got Trixie.
?????? 2015-12-09 19:10:35
ive gotten 4 of 5 endings...got beat up, banged all 3 , whats the 5th
space 2015-12-10 17:41:25
I think the 5th ending is when nothing happens. You don't get beat up and you get no girls.
bit.ly/1WFFynO 2015-12-11 23:24:14
really loved it but graphics were not that great
lola18 2015-12-12 03:13:53
Cool new porn game - goo.gl/o8ygLM
lola18 2015-12-12 03:13:54
Cool new porn game - goo.gl/o8ygLM
Suman1994 2015-12-12 15:23:04
How I download this game?
got all three 2015-12-19 15:38:00
got all there and any of you sexy people want me to give you a lick or 2
wanlikesex 2016-01-21 06:00:36
very good I want it
asdf 2016-01-28 02:32:51
alkthrough Actions in italics only matter for your score with the girl, so you don't have to do them if you don't need to. Follow Wendy's section, it branches off to the other girls. Wendy Go to Trixie's farm Scare her horses (click near barn) Say she looks great Ask when parents are coming back Gently massage her calf (click on her left leg, to your right) Say it's super hot today - receive a quest to bring her ice cream Trixie's barn Click on black rope that's near the middle of the screen Back to map Go to gas station Ask about her new job Ask her about he...
mofje35 2016-02-17 21:23:49
How do you use the rope to tie up Wendy?
omitogun biodun 2018-05-26 18:42:59
this is nice