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In Dreams

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Our hero is a 20-year-old computer geek. He never had a date or a girlfriend. And today he's finally decided to lose his virginity and go out to the streets to find some fucking hot chick. But unexpectedly, a UFO's appeared and took him to another galaxy. Let's see what happen next :)
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sciencewiz14 2011-01-13 19:00:06
huh im number 1, but who gives a crap anyway?
Anon 2011-01-13 19:03:46
No more unfinished games!
Anonymous 2011-01-13 19:06:04
I wish North Pole Glory Hole was free! Even though it aint that related here. :-P
lynx 2011-01-13 20:00:52
bad art, bad animation, bad wording, bad story, bad spelling, bad game. don't finish, scrap and start over.
sucks 2011-01-13 21:19:52
wth is this...
Rum Dummie 2011-01-13 21:30:06
The only thing that made any sense was the fact that aliens abduct people through macs... What? ...Its true!
blaarg 2011-01-13 22:23:11
its ok i guess but make it better
Anonymous 2011-01-13 22:27:17
mr. nice guy 2011-01-13 22:28:15
If anyone here say bad things to his game, they can make thers own game, its not eazy to make games!
sorrow 2011-01-13 22:28:53
i belive a preshool child wold make better game
t_nadia 2011-01-13 22:29:11
too much text
Anonymous 2011-01-13 22:41:45
needs to be full game
roller 2011-01-13 23:18:39
its actually very good :p too bad its not finished. keep up the good work
mr,dick 2011-01-13 23:58:28
fuck you motherfuckers i was trying to be cool youre rely basterds thats it i am not gona visit you again assholes good luck with popularity!
mr,dick 2011-01-13 23:59:51
the talk abouve is to the site
Jim 2011-01-14 01:00:16
where is the game??????
gregstevedickalot 2011-01-14 02:44:59
would someone lend me their pussy for me to destroy?
L'amor 2011-01-14 06:04:33
This game makes no sense and... It sucks. You can't even figure out how to get anything from anyone! >.
Churnok 2011-01-14 07:31:34
Needs audio.
Gisselle 2011-01-14 07:58:14
it didnt make a lot of sense, but it wasn't terrible
alex 2011-01-14 09:20:03
are there any other sites for free online sex games except gamesofdesire,sexhotgames,playforceone??????????????????
dariaolsen 2011-01-14 10:35:27
weird game
Mad Skillzs 2011-01-14 12:04:30
a book or a sex game? too much text, but is OK
Mad Skillzs 2011-01-14 12:47:01
Spanish? i speak spanish but is a mix of spanish and english the game? if you choose the wrong friut, the text in english is: it isnt the fruit, search the rare friut. and i the gym, the text is: dont talk, im training.
camsex 2011-01-14 12:54:05
check my profile contact me and i have camsex
Anonymous 2011-01-14 13:06:18
@Alex Try sexgamesbox,aduly-sex-games...u will love it...
Anonymous 2011-01-14 13:06:51
I meant adult-sex-games....even try fastfuckgames...:)
longstick 2011-01-14 14:36:34
can't wait for real game to finish
Anonymous 2011-01-14 14:52:25
what to do at florist's utena? guess i attempted all possible answers, but always killed
maria 2011-01-14 15:46:53
... I feel sorry for Ranma, to lose his female virginity like that... and there wouldn't be that much blood...
Fosdick 2011-01-14 16:46:30
a-ddem 2011-01-14 17:14:27
alex 2011-01-14 17:14:30
thanxxxxxxxxxxx for ur ur reply man whoever u are
Hotness 2011-01-14 17:23:43
Wow, that was weird haha
Mad Skillzs 2011-01-14 17:34:49
The guy who creates the game is crazy of virgin blood, i have sex with girls, but i never with a virgin, but if i do it, i don't get crazy like him of his blood
Mad Skillzs 2011-01-14 17:35:27
*her blood...
Anonymous 2011-01-14 17:46:35
How to fuck ranma pleaze?
Anonymous 2011-01-14 18:05:23
@the anonym that wanted north pole glory hole free Me tooooo it makes me wanna go subscribe to mnf
Mad Skillzs 2011-01-14 18:10:50
HEY ANONYMUS, cant say how to do it
Mad Skillzs 2011-01-14 18:11:09
the web doesnt allowed me
xxXEveryone-wants-meXxx 2011-01-14 18:48:16
I think i got a really nice dick. If u agree add me on Msn or Skype. MSN: everyonewantsme@hotmail.de Skype: everyonewantsme I'm waiting for you on webcam ;)
Jite 2011-01-14 18:53:53
FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! An unfinished game? Is this a joke?
stripforme 2011-01-14 20:30:48
no fun check out my profile instead
cutie88 2011-01-14 22:01:31
i'd love to strip for you
asero 2011-01-15 03:47:54
great gme!!!!!!
Anonymous 2011-01-15 03:49:00
its all rite i wld love it to b finished i thought the hints on the choices when u get a bj from an-18 were pretty funny
Coldwinterbabe 2011-01-15 03:59:21
I was gonna say good attempt for an amateur programmer, but then there was rape and blood and I got sick to my stomach. Sex games aren't supposed to make you want to puke!
Anonymous 2011-01-15 06:09:30
hey guys guess what if you click play when glory hole tells you its a demo youll go back to start then click play again
Anonymous 2011-01-15 06:09:49
right click and click play
baubau92 2011-01-15 07:11:32
what a fucking game
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