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MrPinkuGame: Let's Play Indians (Beta)

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Three boys decided to play Indians, so they installed the teepees on the old, sacred grounds of American Indians. A woman spy acting for a bank, or a corporation, or Mac Donald, I don't remember which, decided at the same time to use them to find the secret of the magic stone of life, or something like that. Anyway, she was a bitch and this is what happened...
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moi 2013-02-06 18:05:56
what the fuck is that ? worst game ever create
what 2013-02-06 18:29:35
do you guys even fucking look at these before you put them on your site?
HotLisa22 2013-02-06 19:27:41
Well, that was wierd...
Spray 2013-02-06 19:29:13
How need paint on her tits?
needluvn 2013-02-06 21:21:53
This game was just as lame as the description.
hollowhaven 2013-02-06 22:31:36
there is a specific order in these gaes to get each ending. the game tends to wok a bit better if you ficus on finng that order
HELP 2013-02-06 23:11:30
Where is all the stuff for mission 1?
Anonymous 2013-02-06 23:41:44
need help for the paint scene
wtf? 2013-02-07 03:02:41
wheres the rotten vegetable
Miromir 2013-02-07 07:42:25
where do I find the pig shit & rotten fruit ???
anon7 2013-02-07 07:54:21
where is the mud
Anonymous 2013-02-07 07:58:14
anyone figure out paint game?
Serious? 2013-02-07 10:45:51
Even Dali would criticize this game
Arnold 2013-02-07 10:47:35
Girls show all on webcam, no registration: bongacams.ws
t_nadia 2013-02-07 11:22:10
kinda boring
fuck 2013-02-07 11:25:34
stuck at the painting
Painzor 2013-02-07 11:46:36
Painting tips
1 2013-02-07 14:21:07
Great game!
blobo 2013-02-07 20:39:12
what sequence to move the part of the painting?
blobo 2013-02-07 20:40:29
what sequence to move the part of the painting?
blobo 2013-02-07 20:48:02
Anyone know any cheat?
anon 2013-02-07 23:10:01
found all but the clovers so far, any ideas?
Anonymous 2013-02-07 23:19:24
Four Leaf clovers are three instances left.
Anonymous 2013-02-07 23:20:48
Four Leaf clovers are three instances left. Flowers are five instances left. Mud is four instances right. Pig Shit is up one instance where the path forks to go up the path, and go three instances left. If you go further to the well, you can find a dirty video
asd 2013-02-08 01:41:34
what sequence to move the part of the painting?
Moleman 2013-02-08 01:49:22
The trick with the paint part is just to right-click and keep going forward
asd 2013-02-08 01:59:07
asd 2013-02-08 02:21:41
as well right?
dude 2013-02-08 03:40:32
how to get through the paint sequence?! pleasse help
Meow :3 2013-02-08 09:17:59
For paint scene just right click and press play when snitch discovers you and repeat through each of the girls expression then press the arrow when she moans to go to next scene. the paint interface is wierd but oddly fun game.
crazzy 2013-02-08 09:39:29
yes right ... tap, grab or pinch
crazzy 2013-02-08 09:41:20
tap? or grab? pinch? As? in what order?
dariaolsen 2013-02-08 11:52:55
too difficult for me... still can't get to the sex scenes :(
Omnom 2013-02-08 12:34:19
I liked it alot. Waiting for the rest :) Keep it up!
Anonymous 2013-02-09 22:27:29
where is the mud?
blabo 2013-02-10 14:17:26
still can not get past the part of the painting to help me
lilly 2013-02-11 11:09:39
fuck of game, worst game i have ever played
sss 2013-02-12 11:59:00
Lol he wants us to pay for this game to be made. Sweet jesus.
Mikethebuck 2013-02-13 20:44:10
Game makes no sense
\Black_Guy/ 2013-02-14 12:14:04
Any one know what the dirty video is for?
haha 2013-02-16 18:02:05
How did painting math instruction
sweet becky 2013-02-17 12:49:54
no sex scenes?
ssbbssc 2013-02-17 14:20:23
no sex scenes faiil
ilovehentail95 2013-02-22 05:13:20
hot lisa do you mind if i touch those lovely tits of yours?
Dirty Freddie 2013-03-06 08:47:49
Okay, to get past the paint scene: Basically, you keep playing with her until the little girl catches you. Don't hit the arrow on her speech bubble, instead right click and choose play. It'll take you back to the paint game. Keep playing with her, rinse, repeat, until you see an arrow on the woman's speech bubble, which you should then choose. The game will continue on from there.
Dirty Freddie 2013-03-06 09:19:43
The game wasn't all that bad. The graphics obviously need some work, as well as the English. But I have a feeling it's not Mr. Pinku's native language.
selim 2013-03-20 00:16:30
How to get to the scene with milking a cow? And is it possible to remove panties from indian girl in the wood?
selim 2013-05-07 07:59:25
How to get to the scene with milking a cow? And is it possible to remove panties from indian girl in the wood?
radiorobot 2013-05-07 18:12:23
Maybe the graphics isn't the best but the story is exciting
H c Y h D a E d R 2013-10-01 09:17:00
Anyone played baby sitting cream(Its a Sonic the H-Hog)? Anyone know if they have completed it yet? They should look into making cream pregnant at the end of it tho.
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