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Slave Trainer

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Black Order ship escorts you to a desert continent, where the palace of Empress Kaleena is located. After a short conversation with Empress, you decide to accept her offer to became her own slave trainer and help her to turn stubborn slave girls into the loyal mistresses.
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TellMeWhy 2019-11-20 19:34:43
Ain't nothing but a heartache
DigBig 2019-11-08 22:58:02
My Game crashed and then i have to start a new game. That sucks
Someguy 2019-08-17 23:16:19
One Thing I Don't Understand When You Reach 2nd Planet There Is Cave But How You Get Out Of It On Phone You Cant Do Puzzle That's Not Ok Please Fix Phone Status On Puzzle
Pussy Cat 2019-08-09 01:35:07
It is good but I
Mistress 2019-06-06 16:43:33
If you can't get started, talk to the slave and then click the blinking yellow quest button in the middle of the options.
Mistress 2019-06-06 16:43:18
If you can't get started, talk to the slave and then click the blinking yellow quest button in the middle of the options.
Yep 2019-05-06 03:29:39
Not only is it just a mindless clicker type game, it's probably the worst one of that kind I've seen. Pretty garbage.
Sajako 2019-04-26 23:56:57
I love it XD
bang on 2019-04-20 16:16:22
can any one tell how to get the key in cave
james 2019-04-10 01:03:44
when is the next part coming?
ااا 2019-04-04 14:00:50
احييييييه قومت قومت
Gamer 2019-04-02 13:32:38
How do you get out of the cave? I have a key, but it does not work
liahana 2019-03-16 22:37:59
im so horny playing this . mi playing naked while fingering
Adam Shah 2019-03-05 16:59:26
I just realized this is just a cutted part from the Slave Lords of the Galaxy game
Adam Shah 2019-03-05 05:35:26
This game is fucking good. I reached the end of the demo and I cant wait to play more of it.. I really like the story so far
mia88na 2019-02-21 00:17:25
progamer126421 2019-01-11 17:21:03
Thank you for the amazing "Slave Trainer" game, game's creators (developers). I had a wonderful experience and "fap it up" a whole "loads" , and very looking forwards to the updates and the finished game. Cause that was awesome.
simon 2018-12-31 20:35:11
thats hot
santanaclaus 2018-12-26 10:38:24
Fire game
Master 2018-12-19 04:18:25
Must be into bdsm and anal
Jazz 2018-12-16 02:07:29
I have you love
Jazz 2018-12-16 02:07:28
I have you love
supersurfert 2018-12-10 20:38:00
Legit cannot find anything you can do on day one but try (and fail) to talk to her and sleep. Everything else is locked. Maybe there's something i missed? Help
yuyu 2018-11-30 22:07:09
how the hell do you solve the jumbled ass puzzle
sulaiman88 2018-11-29 15:30:11
i like games
Animemas 2018-11-22 07:48:16
Wish I was someone's little slave~
sexfiend907 2018-11-21 17:53:57
How do you save your game so that I can continue where I left off?
Pixie 2018-11-02 23:32:51
anyone know the code for the puzzles?
Bunda kksks 2018-11-02 07:55:42
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Gamesguy 2018-10-26 05:28:21
Not sure if they take males
lol59XD420 2018-10-23 04:02:02
im sure i can di the puzzle but the peices arent moving to the places they belong when i drag them, anyone else?
cactus33 2018-10-13 16:57:16
My game data wont save
pvp 2018-09-25 00:33:25
Will This Ever Update
potato pussy 2018-09-06 14:51:04
fucking yeeaaa
Played Real One 2018-09-06 02:32:51
This is a rip off of the game Slave Lords of the Galaxy
Sexy_Bitch_69 2018-07-22 18:43:17
Best game xD
kartik kartik 2018-07-21 23:29:03
kartik kartik 2018-07-21 23:28:38
Aher kartik
kartik kartik 2018-07-21 23:27:42
Kartik kartik
It's so easy... 2018-07-19 11:37:21
For ther people which get issues with the puzzle... Grab a pice with your mouse.. For first set a pice from a corner. This is much easier to position... Is the first piece set, the rest will be easy...
ثاث 2018-07-09 09:17:52
Rrfg 2018-07-04 09:07:37
fuck 2018-06-23 09:14:27
how can you move the pieces of the puzzle
shelby_fag 2018-06-20 08:04:27
Mmm, I'm ready to be trained to be someone's slave!
Stocial 2018-06-18 08:51:04
I’m quite amazed on how many people can’t solve the puzzle. Also, I don’t know if this was posted on this website originally, but I want the full game and I’ll support on patreon. What’s the patreon?
you guys are dumb 2018-06-10 22:33:08
you have to do the quest by talking to her and then get the medicine from the store go back and press the quest button once again BAM thats how you can do the rest of the game
1st 2018-06-10 10:44:00
Food Junction Hostel 2018-05-29 07:11:48
Sex Junction Red Light Area,Civic Centre,Bhilai by Pankaj Pal give offer to seduce his daughter for 3 months in advance and continuously seduce for 6 months
Pretty darn good 2018-05-16 13:09:30
want more of this! anyone knows the developer?
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