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The Sex Tape - The Suspect (Ep. 3)

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In this third episode of the sex game "the sex tape", a list full of sexy and unscrupulous suspects is gone over with a fine tooth comb... Who appears in the porn video? Who filmed it? Terry is leading the investigation.
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DICK 2017-04-24 22:19:33
Tani 2017-04-25 01:39:16
2!!! miauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!
kkl 2017-04-25 15:42:45
Click on the green button to take the phone call) Why, have you found something? OK, but for two minutes. I don't have time to chat. Let me work and you'll know everything about the video tomorrow night, as agreed. OK? Be patient, you're making me lose precious time! (Next) (Next) (Click on "Dolce", the first line) (Next) Dolce? OK! I'll be there as fast as possible. - Go immediately to Dolce's house - (Next) - Check her out a bit - - Check her out a bit - - Catch your feet on some brambles - Yes, it's Terry, Shavon's friend! I don't know if Shavon told you but I'm here to help Tom Power. You ...
kkl 2017-04-25 15:43:48
ou had an affair, right? Tell me about it! And what kind of things would you talk about? He's a well known actor, he must have a very full address book. He passed himself off as an artist? And when was this portfolio project? Wait... A portfolio for a singer? To do what? Basically, you trusted him like an agent or a coach... So, you succeeded in going to the party without doing a rush job on the photo shoot? Where did you take the photos? Up until then, everything went really well! (Next) He took photos of you while you turned him on? Finally, he decided to touch you? (Next) The session ended ...
kkl 2017-04-25 15:44:54
Next) You simulated sexual acts through his clothes? (Next) Wait a minute... He was taking pictures of you while you were sucking him off? Didn't you want him to use both of his hands? (Next) (Next) (Next) (Next) I imagine that he got you on all fours to dominate you more... (Next) (Next) And he wanted you on all fours... Go on, I'm listening. He spread your butt cheeks? How? Maybe it's just that he particularly enjoyed fingering you. How exactly? According to his way of fucking, you could say that he was a hot blooded male. (Next) (Next) (Next) But at that point, are you sure that he didn't m...
kkl 2017-04-25 15:45:33
What did you do after that? So why are you pissed off with him? What did you do after that? Yes, thank you. I'll leave you to it now. (Next) (Next) (Next) (Click on Mindy) (Next) I'm Terry, I'm a journalist. I'm one of Shavon's and Tom Power's friends. I... Do you have any idea who could have done that? Did you see Tom on Friday? Thank you for the information! (Next) (Click on Sloane)
kkl 2017-04-25 15:45:59
(Next) Hello, I'm calling you about the party on Friday. I'm a freelance journalist, I'm doing a report on the party on Friday. Wait! - Call her back - (Next) (Click on Klaus) (Next) Hello Klaus, I'm one of Shavon's friends. She gave me your phone number... No, can you give me that? Why do you ask? I understand, that's a pain in the ass! She is sensitive, I see. Did you get on well with Tom Power? Oh yeah, really? Thank you - call me back if you remember something, OK? (Next) (Next) (Click on Ella) (Next) Hello Oldia! I'm one of Shavon's friends! Very good, I'll be there. (Next) (Next)
kkl 2017-04-25 15:46:25
hat's sweet, thank you. Can you tell me your version of what happened at the party? Shavon was drunk... She knows perfectly well that you're called Oldia! She loves you! Yes. The thing is that I don't know the identity of the person with Tom... ... I'm not here to judge! Anyway, I love parties that are a little naughty. On the other hand, where was it: on the beach? in the hotel? Did you see Tom? Did you meet this girl? Did she look really sad? So to summarize, she didn't look like someone who had just been up to no good... She wasn't very funny to be around... You didn't have a clear view of ...
kkl 2017-04-25 15:46:52
But why were you so curious to know what Tom was doing? I promise. But you don't care about Klaus anyway, do you? So it wasn't as good with Tom as it was with Klaus? Actually, Tom knew that you followed him when he went to the beach... (Next) Didn't you go any further? I want to know if it was better than with Klaus. (Next) OK, I see... A dominating relationship. (Next) (Next) (Next) (Next) (Next) (Next) Of course, Oldia... I'll go now.. (Next) (Next) (Click on sandra) (Next) Hello Sandra... It's Terry. Shavon's friend!
kkl 2017-04-25 15:47:14
So do you know Tom Power well? And are you still on good terms? I'm going to do it right now. Thanks for the help! (Next) (Click on Miky) (Next) Hello Miky, I'm Terry, one of Shavon's friends. Did she tell you about me? OK, thank you very much! (Next) (Click on Clare) (Next) Hello, Clare? I'm Terry, I'm one of Shavon's friends. So do you have any info about Tom Power from the party Friday night? To go swimming? Was he in a bathing suit? (Next) (Next) (Click on Ema) (Next) Hello! I'm doing an investigation into the party on Friday...
kkl 2017-04-25 15:47:56
Did you see Tom Power at the Beach Hotel? Very good, noted. Thank you very much... - Read the list again - (Click on Mina) (Next) Hello, I'm Terry. I'm one of Shavon's friends. You met each other at the party on Friday... (Next) (Click on the picture of Shavon) (Next) I have some questions to ask you, Shavon. It's about a blonde girl... Do you know who I'm talking about? Really? Well... Do you have anything new from your side? Did he run into any other guests at the beach? Hey, Shavon. Wouldn't you like to show me your breasts a little to get me motivated again? (Next) (Next)
Aris 2017-05-12 08:53:51
Name of the pornstars?
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