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This is a little quiz about sex, lesbians, bdsm etc. First, you look at the picture trying to remember as much details as you can. Then you get a couple of questions about this picture. If you'll answer all the questions you get'll a grand prize :)
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FatboySlim 2009-05-27 16:04:37
so slow........
Ivan 2009-05-27 16:08:21
Блять ну й хуйня, вася, отвечаю ебанный врот (translt : Sorry, gentlemen, I think that this is the bad game. Play something else)
acid 2009-05-27 16:09:50
number.2 yeah.
acid 2009-05-27 16:12:37
this fucking game doesn,t load
mark 2009-05-27 16:14:20
number.5 wowo
Hmm 2009-05-27 16:26:44
1: B, A, D 2: A, C, B 3: C, B, B 4: C, A, A 5: B, A, C 6: B, B, B
thekiller 2009-05-27 16:26:58
fuckin shit no load
Anonymous 2009-05-27 17:09:55
on the loading screen. click in the lower left corner. a link to gallery
Anonymous 2009-05-27 17:29:58
gatinha vc gosta mais de red label ou ice
Dr. Dick 2009-05-27 17:43:31
yeah, so slow
Dr. Dick 2009-05-27 17:46:38
the game does itself, and I can't answer the questions because of it, at the end, the pictures are running so fast, so I can't recognize anything about them
Dena 2009-05-27 18:28:15
Да Иван я согласен...игра галимоя ебанный рот. (Translate: this game is preaty lame)
i 2009-05-27 18:34:22
the game just got weird and i didn't need to answer anything
Uhhm 2009-05-27 18:43:59
Seriously, wtf is this supposed to be?
Yura 2009-05-27 19:49:28
Не игра, а хуйня. (Game kinda boring)
Chris Hendricks 2009-05-27 20:22:51
I don't think this is a game cause it does have you answer any question you look at them but don't answer any thats stupid, this is a stupid freakin game I swear it is
WOW 2009-05-27 20:47:12
learn to program u failure
WTF 2009-05-27 21:18:32
the game autoplayed for me i dint even have to do anything... wtf
Sexy Swimmer 2009-05-27 21:30:43
All ladies...c'mon lets chat.
jjjjjjjjjjjj 2009-05-27 23:01:27
dont know 2009-05-27 23:21:36
she's so ugly
twisty pussy 2009-05-27 23:32:40
the game doesn't technically work. The screens (pictures and text) fly from one to the other at high speed, irrespective of any action by the viewer. Maybe not a bad game, but a technical tune up is required.
Fuck this 2009-05-27 23:37:39
Fucking game doesn't even work
Бормалей 2009-05-27 23:51:45
Жжоте пацаны! :) Я как скрины увидел сразу понял - нунах :) (Translate: GIVE US NEW MEET'n'FUCK!)
confused 2009-05-28 00:37:43
Th game just playedall by itself in fastmode
Масяня 2009-05-28 02:10:31
Сколько тут русских :) The pictures are awful. Did the artist draw them without hands?
Anonymous 2009-05-28 03:45:11
this game fucking sucks
confused 2009-05-28 07:31:02
fuck wat happen.y can i play this mother fucker game.
bites 2009-05-28 07:48:12
this game sucks
Anonymous 2009-05-28 08:15:49
i think they are trying to make you blind with all the flashing colors shit
guy incognito 2009-05-28 08:38:16
i don't like the game
아나모유나오는거 않하나 시팍 2009-05-28 08:53:59
미친 야이 게련아 제발좀 제발좀 모유나오고 섹시한여자들이 고추빨고 젖짜고 젖고문하는것좀 올리라고 이딴 시시한거말고
BG_playa 2009-05-28 09:59:04
Тая игра е пълен ташак!
KvaZar 2009-05-28 11:04:59
Америкосы хуеплеты,немогут ниче толкового придумать!
ripoff 2009-05-28 12:08:40
This game has een ripped off from the officel cause i reconigze those girls basiclly this is a Failed ripoff
Horndog 2009-05-28 13:03:18
F'ed up as hell. Drop these guys as a game supplier.
Anonymous 2009-05-28 13:08:23
Егати тъпотията
dick head 2009-05-28 13:14:38
fuck u all bitches mother icky icky!!!!!!fucker!!!!!
Anonymous 2009-05-28 14:39:41
it doesnt load
Ivan 2009-05-28 17:10:44
Какой-то америконский задрот срисовал тёлок с порно-фоток, а ничего анимированого, интересного и интерактивного не влепил. Вывод - хуйня. кстати, Meet'n'Fuck америкосы делали или япошки? Янки - лохи! Translate ( This game is stupid. By the way, Meet'n'fuck is japan game or not? U.S forever)
KAJIAIII 2009-05-28 18:29:24
Еьанутая игра, тупая ваще!!!! (Америкосы тоже тупые)
Billy 2009-05-28 19:10:06
Did... did that game just masturbate?
Бормалей 2009-05-28 19:36:30
Да я так подозреваю, что может это и наши мутят такие вещи типа meet'n'fuck, потому как пиндосы стремные - засадить за такое могут...
Yura 2009-05-28 20:35:05
Да ну, нормальные художники везде есть. И это явно не про эту игру.
Anonymous 2009-05-28 20:47:10
what the fuck is this? the worlds most spazzy nerdfaggot game? fuck you!
more meet and fuck 2009-05-28 22:21:12
This game suckssss
Go to this site 2009-05-28 22:53:24
M a r i e - g e t s - D e f l o w e r e d . c o m / ? i d = 6 3 1 d d d a c
Evenfall 2009-05-28 23:17:05
ппц.....одни русские=))(Translate: I think,there is only russians=)) )
deosnt 2009-05-28 23:24:21
doesnt laod
Da Truth 2009-05-29 02:09:52
After this useless game?, I am forced in doing something I would never do, more MnF, more MnF etc.. ..
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