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Office Pranks

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After a few years of an excellent work you were fired due to the world financial crisis. Now you are totally unemployed. Stop crying like a little girl. Time to find a new better job! Today you apply for a programmer position in the large insurance company. I'm sure you'll love your new busty boss :)
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Comments (218)
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eyeballed 2008-12-09 07:10:31
eyeballed 2008-12-09 07:14:09
No comment.
RedBurn 2008-12-09 07:27:30
The grammar is a bit off, but these kinds of games that's the norm.
Vago 2008-12-09 07:52:57
eh too short......
bla 2008-12-09 07:53:36
too short
ECHO_TRD@Hotmail.com 2008-12-09 07:54:54
very short
hotbodhandsomeface 2008-12-09 07:55:41
wow... lame...
ShitFace 2008-12-09 08:07:46
Frank 2008-12-09 08:49:32
Wow. That was pretty terrible.
berserk 2008-12-09 08:51:54
too short
Ain't hard 2008-12-09 09:05:34
This game SUCK COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
illiden 2008-12-09 09:17:52
truelee sad
lol 2008-12-09 09:23:08
really stupid
muso88 2008-12-09 09:23:29
tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo short
dee 2008-12-09 09:32:12
it's ok...
I AM ME 2008-12-09 09:54:17
time for the pointless comments of people saying "we want MNF." HEHE, i wonder how many people would be saying that if they began charging everyone to play.
Anonymous 2008-12-09 10:07:44
this game sucks and they need 2 learn how 2 spell
blah 2008-12-09 10:12:45
was ok too short but the chick was definitely hot
Nointerestingname 2008-12-09 10:14:26
Dude. Stupid. But Entertaining
Anon 2008-12-09 10:31:41
Very short. Very Very Very Short. I even like the Milk Plant ones better than this.
Burning 2008-12-09 10:37:42
As many other say , its to short!
volatil2000 2008-12-09 10:58:22
its a shit
Bored 2008-12-09 11:05:09
Boring Boring Boring, not worth the effort.
jhonny 2008-12-09 11:22:44
really big piece of shit
KinkyChink 2008-12-09 11:39:13
This was not so good, the cock looked different from the other arts.
lesbian 2008-12-09 12:20:51
this game sucks
clydeguy16 2008-12-09 12:29:00
WTF!!! What a big load of shit- not worth 5 mins of my life.
clydeguy16 2008-12-09 12:31:28
In fact this game wasn't even 5 mins lkong- more like 1 min!
I need big cock, and wet pussy 2008-12-09 12:53:33
. 2008-12-09 12:54:25
what the hell... that WAS short...
HotterThanAny 2008-12-09 12:58:17
not much of a game
Horndog 2008-12-09 13:02:57
Yeah, this game sucks ass!! Butthey're telling you this is the crap you'll get if you dumbcunts keep bitching about MeetnFucks!!!!
Anonymous 2008-12-09 13:17:08
boorin game
GAP 2008-12-09 13:55:34
Hasn't anyone noticed that this is a simplified version of a Meet N' Fuck. Same concept, same direction, same action, same ending.
sexman 2008-12-09 14:08:42
very short
lolz 2008-12-09 14:41:04
Anybody else find it hilarious that she calls you boy? What am I, a black person?
phildo 2008-12-09 15:08:42
Its been said be4 it'll be said again ..short
u r all very dumb 2008-12-09 15:08:47
this is EXACTLY like a Meet'n'fuck. you all beg for meet'n'fuck. now when you get something just like it you call it gay. dumbasses.
Anonymous 2008-12-09 15:20:26
The cock looks like a piece of shit! Gross!
clydeguy16 2008-12-09 15:41:37
This is a crappy version of meet n fuck, meet n fucks are actually decent but in this one there is no challenge. There is not even a proper story to it. So actually we r not dumbasses, u prick.
glenfiddich 2008-12-09 15:46:29
ends to fast
Anonymous 2008-12-09 15:55:33
WTF?!?!? people arn't even fucking talking about MNF here so stop whining that people complain bout it
Merc 2008-12-09 16:13:34
ufffffffff no good
Foxy lady 2008-12-09 16:19:25
No terrible didnt even get me wet like the charlie games do
Bknsrkh 2008-12-09 16:22:42
Long waiting for nothin spec
sexychick 2008-12-09 16:42:20
This game sucked. I need games that make me horny not complain!
I need big cock, and wet pussy 2008-12-09 17:01:05
huh it is kinda like a peice of shit version of MNF though i cant say i blame the people, PEOPLE STOP YOUR BITCHING ABOUT MNF yes it is amazingly good and i love it. BUT I DONT BITCH ABOUT NO NEW MEET AND FUCKS GET OVER YOURSELFS AND TAKE WHAT THEY GIVE U!
Anonymous 2008-12-09 17:29:13
too short that's all
Kingman 2008-12-09 17:32:33
Too short... milk plant rules! (lol randomness :P)
Anonymous 2008-12-09 17:36:57
the screen stays at the tit fuck scene. how do i pass that part?
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