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Slave Lord Part 2

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The capital has fallen! You, the Dark Lord of Vorgor, lead your evil army through the city's ruined gates. Those who agree to join your legions are enslaved. Those who refuse are put to the sword. The last remaining glimmer of light comes from their Queen; she is their only hope. It is time to eradicate this final vestige of light from Erolandia once and for all. And so your final quest begins...
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Gostozaa 2020-02-23 18:00:33
Quero joga
fapfap 2020-01-18 23:46:48
im faped to this game
catgirl 2019-10-15 12:47:48
how to you get people to hate her?
ranjeet 2019-08-18 05:50:22
nice games quize
want some anal 2019-07-15 05:11:12
how u do the first one
Natsu Dragneel aka E.N.D 2019-06-03 01:02:19
How to play on mobile
Somebody 2019-05-26 18:18:33
How do you unlock the prancing piggy ;^;
max 2019-05-19 01:50:24
I feel bad about doing this to her.
Anonymous 2019-05-06 08:36:09
If the creator makes it so that the girls in the brothel can also be used then i would want to play this game even more
helper-chan 2019-03-27 23:26:49
you can tarnish the queens reputation by going to the strange markings on the wall. eventually you will access your minions in the prancing piggy. they will translate it for you, and then you have to go back to the strange markings and guess what the riddle is talking about. if the answer isn't as obvious to you, it's a cock, the answer is the bottom in the middle row. there you will find a creature, he draws pictures of the queen to distribute throughout the kingdom, you just have to pay him. good luck.
A Nameless Guide. 2019-03-17 20:07:09
'How do u get approval rating?' (commoners) 1- Unlock The Prancing Piggy and talk to the 'townsfolk'; 2- Go to the Silaria's dungeon and talk to her; 3- Take your slave to work at the brothel to earn money; 4- Buy the Bull Strenght potion and give it to the people at the Prancing Piggy.
april 2019-03-14 04:02:18
how to earn money
opluik 2019-02-13 08:49:22
help me lower the queens rep
Light Lord 2019-01-05 13:07:54
Somebody please help me, how do u "tarnish"the queens reputation?
Light Lord 2019-01-05 13:07:53
Somebody please help me, how do u "tarnish"the queens reputation?
..... 2019-01-05 09:01:37
How do u get approval rating?
No-one 2018-12-27 04:18:22
She's a little cum bucket.
No-one 2018-12-27 03:30:23
I finishes in 13 days...
lolzkiller 2018-12-25 22:54:08
Lucky lord
Sweet.Johnson12 2018-12-20 10:11:01
Wow. I really love this game. This game is so amazing. Make part 3, please.
Melody 2018-11-24 01:41:07
It feels like there's a middle part missing. Where can I find it?
Anonymus 2018-11-23 18:40:50
HAHA microsoft paint liquid
Sharukh 2018-08-25 10:30:13
nyc games
XandeRX 2018-08-20 18:33:00
Stupid game, nothing intresting
Arianna 2018-08-11 16:30:02
I finished in 16 days
Giovanni 2018-07-17 07:13:43
Ya Boi 2018-06-24 05:00:17
finished day 59
Fian 2018-06-11 12:37:07
Wander full
Help 2018-06-04 01:47:08
Okay I'm playing on my phone and its at the first part I'm supposed to give the queen her first punishment but doesn't let me
Hello 2018-05-31 13:17:18
How are you doing
Katie 2018-05-28 23:49:55
wow, now i feel like having sex.but i have no one to have it with because i just got dumped!
Lola 2018-05-22 10:21:17
HMM 2018-05-17 00:22:44
Can you save?
blackbeltkiller2 2018-05-15 23:15:34
How are you supposed to lower her approval?
guy 2018-05-02 05:44:06
Where can I download the music that's playing?
Arpit 2018-04-10 10:31:29
Sexy chut & lund
Arpit 2018-04-10 10:31:25
Sexy chut & lund
Arpit 2018-04-10 10:30:50
Sexy chut
AtomicCheeta 2018-03-25 03:01:18
1 day gg
12345 2018-03-02 13:54:21
how do you download the game for free ?
unknow 2018-02-16 06:16:31
i love this game
helper 2018-02-09 22:16:25
helper 2018-02-09 22:16:10
the door is the strange marings on the wall u nee 2 go 2 bar and talk to orc
nova 2018-02-03 16:48:04
completed in 52 days
Pal Penis 2018-01-25 08:48:44
I came, I see and I came again Muahaha!
ruut 2018-01-04 09:40:02
Hoe to get more aprouval ??
anonymous 2018-01-02 02:03:35
how do you guys get the obedience to level 4 fast. i can go to day 100 with only it halfway.
Foxy 2017-12-25 14:57:48
noobs i finish at 12 days :D
Bruh 2017-12-13 03:55:07
On phome
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