Lil' Red Hood's Game Review : Doomination

Do you know about "slave training" genre? It was starting to get popular with Akaburs princess Jasmine series of games and many developers followed suite. Basically you will have to corrupt and train female heroines in order to become good sluts.
This time, it is set in a Marvel universe, featuring all your favorite superheroes, let's take a look.
Our main evil protagonist this time is Dr. Doom himself, who aquires a book called - The Darkhold. But the fantastic 4 and Dr. Strange ruin his plans, leaving him beaten and without magic. That's when the story starts, as we are introduced to the witch Ratri, who promises to help with her special power - Dominium. A special power that will allow Doom to corrupt minds and enslave those he uses it on.
Thus starts our journey in order to take revenge on the heroes and get a nice harem in the meantime.
The story features multiple events with heroines and you use your powers on them, slowly corrupting their minds and forcing them to be loyal sluts to you. This is all the story you need for now and it's enough to get you going.
The writing here is ok, it seems to be faithful to the Marvel universe as the famous characters act, like you expect them to. Black Cat, Black Widow, Firestar, Invisible Woman and many others are at your disposal in this game.
Speaking of the game and the gameplay, this is Ren'Py style quest game where you choose locations in order to trigger different events. Surprisingly enough, there are also mini-games, usually when you use your dominium power. Don't worry, the mini-games are not hard at all and can even be skipped.
The game is not confusing at all with what you have to do next, as there is a quest tab which tells you exactly what to do. Not once I got stuck, which is always a good thing.
Of course, there are corruption mechanics just like in any slave trainer game, as you slowly use your power in order unlock more scenes and make the superheroines more slutty. If that's something you enjoy, give it a try!
The drawing style in this game is western comic inspired and it looks quite good. There are a variety of scenes and all a hand drawn, which is great. You can see up top how they look.
At the moment of the review, there are already quite a few scenes and heroines in the game and the are spaced out quite nicely. The drawing also gets better and better as time goes on, so if you don't like it at first, keep playing, maybe you will enjoy it more, as the author becomes better.
Overall Doomination is a neat little game that doesn't ask too much of you, but at the same time offers a nice amount of variety in gameplay, scenes and story. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece, but I think it's certainly worth a try.
If you enjoy corruption, blackmail and mind control sexual fetishes, than you should try it for sure!
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Link to the game: Doomination