Lil' Red Hood's Game Review : Her Secret

Could this be true? Finally an adult game that is not made on ren'py or RPG maker and that works on PC, adnroid and iOS? With actual gameplay?
Yes. It's true. Her Secret is an adult turn-based game on a grid. Let's check it out!
The story starts simple enough. Adventurer Ben waddles his way into a cave only to have an entrance collapse behind him. And it's time to explore! Ben is not alone though, "accompanying" him is the creator of the game herself - Mona. Well, not really accompanying, she is more of a imaginary companion, who will teach you how to play the game and offer casual banter from time to time.
As you move through the cave/dungeon you will discover that this place is not only populated by rats and bats, but by powerful demons and succubi. And, most importantly, the dungeon master - Anya. As you progress you will uncover more of the mystery, find naughty scenes and try to uncover... her secret. Hehe.
There is more to the story of course, but I'll leave for you to discover. All I can say is that it's paced really nicely. Dialogue usually happens when you enter a new room or discover something new. It's not long, so you don't have to click like in visual novels. The best part is, if you don't care about the story and just want the juicy bits, you can easily skip it. The game doesn't force it on you in any way. But if you wish to engage in it, you will find a lot of mystery and interesting dialogues.
The gameplay here is amazing. This is a full blown turn based dungeon crawler! Along with dice based combat system and RPG elements, like leveling up. Not something one can expect from an adult game, ha? You will explore different rooms, find secrets in the environment, fight enemies and find juicy pictures. The gameplay is not complex by any means, but it's a good thing.
While the gameplay itself is not very complex, the game can still offer some tactical challenge. Some rooms will require you to think ahead and plan your moves accordingly. Which is always fun. But if such difficulty is not for you, the game offers "easy battles" option, so you can focus on exploration and naughty naked demon ladies.
Outside of combat, there are also puzzles and secrets, which are always great to find. Explore each room carefuly and you may be rewarded with better equipment, or, if you are lucky, sexy pictures!
Speaking of sexy pictures, the art-style in the game is great! The gameplay part features old-school style blocky graphics which remind me of old dungeon crawlers. It looks cute. The adult scenes themselves are a combination of still naughty drawings you find during exploration and animated sexy scenes that you stumble on.
The game focuses heavily on BDSM and femdom aspects, so if you are into that, you should definitely check this game out!
In the end, I think it's one of the best adult games I played. Rarely do you meet such fun gameplay, hot scenes and great atmosphere. Oh did I mention that the game has voiced dialogues and amazing sound effects? All the more reasons for you guys to try it!
As usual, if you enjoyed the game, you should support the developer here! - Mona's Stories patreon.
Link to the game: Her Secret