Lil' Red Hood's Game Review : leave2gether act2

If you remember leave2gather. A flash game where you walk around and enjoy the furry city. Well. That place got a large overhaul. Welcome to act 2 of this furry sex game!
Let’s start at the story. We continue playing Casey, joining in on her misadventures. This time we are out of money and out of a job. The premise is quite simple but enough to keep us engaged. Soon, of course, lots of different events start to pile up. Pay the rent – keep the boss happy – help your coworker and so on. Just like in the first part story is just there to get your heroine from place to place doing lewd stuff. It’s not a bad thing, of course, but don’t expect amazing twists and turns.
Gameplay saw a large change as well. First, it’s not on flash anymore and right now is developed in Unity. Second, we won’t be walking around freely this time, but changing locations. Most of the gameplay elements consists of making Casey “happy” that means feeding when she is hungry, drinking some coffee when she feels tired and trying to keep up with her work at the sexy club. Speaking of club, you will also need to keep the customers happy and make sure they come back. So if they grab your large ass or stare down your tits with peaking nipples. Well. It’s your choice how to respond to that, but you do need those tips!
So far this game plays like a very interactive visual novel and don’t worry, you won’t have to click through lots of text. The only text here is conversation and dialogues. So you won’t be bogged down by a 4 page description of a cum dungeon or something. Personally, I am alright with this type of gameplay, but sometimes it’s hard to tell, where the new event is happening. Considering we’ll be spending most of the time resting in bed and going to work, it’s hard to say if something happens in the shop on Tuesday at 14:00 for example.
Now let’s get to the best part of this game. Art. Just look at it.
All I can say is… wow. This is probably THE best porn graphics I’ve seen in awhile. Not only it all looks wonderful, all the characters are animated. They move, they blink, they pout their lips. This is REALLY good. Anytime I reached a lewd event it felt amazing. The artwork is probably the biggest change in this game going from flash to unity surely gave them a lot of new tools to work with. Even if you do not enjoy the gameplay here, playing this game is still highly recommended. The artwork literally steals the show here. The creators of this furry adult sex game gone above and beyond here.
As far as frequency of the sex events goes. It’s somewhere in the middle. It depends how much you love furry hentai. For example, your co-worker is a batgirl (not Barbara Gordon. You know what I mean!) and every time she is on screen, you will be able to see her large, sexy nipples. So if you are into that, the frequency of lewd events will be quite high. There is always something to look at. But as far as special events and pictures goes it’s quite sparse right now. For most of them you will have to work to unlock and some of them take some time to do it. But once you see them. Oh boy. I told you already how amazing artwork here is, so it is always worth it. I am sure you’ll be able to cum from just one naughty picture from this game!
In the end, I think I will be giving this game 3.9/5 stars. This is the type of game that you will either love a lot or close on the first screen. Most points are removed for the excess amount of waiting that needs to be done between scenes. I am sure more events will be added as time goes on, but you will always be waiting until “the right time” which can be quite boring. I still recommend this game highly though, especially if you played the original leave2gether. You will be surprised. Kisses.
Link to the game: leave2gether act 2