Lil' Red Hood's Game Review : Leisure Yacht

Let's go on a little journey shall we?
Welcome to the Leisure Yacht by TheMoonPeach.
This sex game is HUGE currently. When I play these games for reviews, I usually try to complete them for best impression. But man, this one was extremely big. While I did not finish, I do have some things to say about it. If YOU enjoy huge sexy games, then you should already start playing this. There is a LOT of content.
Anyway, the story is as follows, we play as a pretty dopy, but quite a smart guy.
Apparently he got straight A's at everything. His father, sick of seeing his child lazing his bum at home, arranges a little meeting with FBI. They need a simple looking guy for their job. So combining his unassuming looks and high intelligence - Michael (main character) is perfect. His job? Join a rich billionaire who holds the SpencerLab, which is the largest pharmaceutical company. Of course, it seems like this company is much more than it says, so Michael's job is to learn more. The little problem is the yacht is FILLED with sexy, beautiful ladies. Spencer's daughters, workers, his wife. So much sexy distractions! Can Michael prevail and use his brain and not his cock? Well, you decide. I won't spoil anything, but it gets pretty interesting, so if you play porn games for the story, this one is pretty good.
The gameplay is standard for these types of games. You have a day counter and several parts of the day, when you can increase your abilities, visit different areas of the ship to advance the story and so on. As I mentioned before, this game is H U G E, so first starting it can be overwhelming. So many options and so many places to visit, so many skills to acquire and butt loads of achievements to unlock. I am glad people still make such big games. This is something I would probably play in my spare time, outside this work I have.
While I was praising the story and gameplay, the visuals are extremely standard. They are not bad per se, but they lack a bit of individuality in my opinion. It's still good for a jerk off, but I wish they were a bit more visually interesting. Maybe add sweat or muscles or something like that to look different from others.
Another small problem is a translation. These guys should really hire a spell and grammar checker. I know English is not their main language, but man, sometimes it gets really hard to read.
Despite that, the game still receives my recommendation. The game is VERY BIG with TONS of content, interesting story, deep gameplay, decent porn pictures. The gang all here and thus, I give this game 4.4/5 stars. Enjoy!
Link to the game: Leisure Yacht