Lil' Red Hood's Game Review : Meet'N'Fuck: Tilda von Titantanks The Beast Within

Hey! You! How's your day going? Having a good time? I should hope so, because we have one interesting game on deck today.
Remember Tilda von Titantanks? No? Perhaps you never heard of her before, so let me introduce you.
Boo! Haha, got your attention?
This hot, badass lady is Tilda. A demon hunter by job and a slut by choice. Hehe. Well, not really, but if you play her games, you'll know she ends up being fucked most of the time, by both demons and people she is trying to save. Such is the world of Meet and Fuck.
In this story we are on our way to Devil's Bud, a place which is full of demons, according to the head priest. Tilda as usual rushes in to solve it, as usual with her aggresion and the shotgun, but she might find out, not all demons are easy.
The unique part of this game is that we actually take control of the demon this time. Usually it's the other way around.
That's right, it's the good Mexican stand-off. With her body on the line if you win and your life, if you lose. Although, a little secret, it's impossible to lose here.
The mini-game you have to play only looks dangerous, with Tilda shooting the shotgun at you, but you are in now danger. It's mostly the reaction type game, where you have to press the throw button, as soon as she appears to hit her upside the head. The mini-game is nothing too impressive, but at the same time, it's short and quick. Work a little for your reward, so to speak. And your reward is, of course, her body to do what you please with.
Now there is a little surprise, is that the demon we play as - is indeed - a centaur. Don't worry for Tilda, she can handle this size, but it may be a bit of a shock to you.
So remember that, if you decide to play, but, if you are ok with that, then you check out some amazing scenes as usual. Obviously if you are familiar with Meet and Fuck games, you'll know what to expect. This time it's all sex, all the way. He really breaks in her pussy.
Overall, it's a decent little game, but it does show it's age a bit. It's still high quality, but the mini-game is a bit lacking and the surprise may take some people off, but the animations are still amazing and if you are into their stories, this will be right up your alley. Let's try to be unbiased and go with 4/5 stars.