Lil' Red Hood's Game Review : Relicts of Aeson

This is an animated adult quest like game full of animated scenes, crazy story and sexy characters. You remember those trainer type games? Where you have to train a woman slowly to enjoy sex? Well, it's a reverse this time and we will playing as a woman.
Join the adventure of master thief Ariana and her quest to end the naughty epidemic.
The simple work to steal the relic from the castle turns out to be not simple at all. The thief Ariana and her girlfriend are approached by a mysterious figure, offering great reward, if you are able to steal a special stone from the king's castle. Accepting the job and making their way in, turns out the relic is much more than meets the eye...
Apparently there is some sort of curse or dark magics associated with it, which makes women (and men) lose their minds and crave only sex. When they cum, their minds get cleared, but not for long. So the whole castle and soon the village are stuck in the loop of constantly having sex. Which the guards take full advantage of.
Anyway, you get captured, your face gets fucked by guards and you are able to escape. After this the story and the game opens up. Your job is to save your girlfriend from the castle and, perhaps, stop the curse. But why bother, when it feels so good? Maybe just. Enjoy a little?
That's the basic premise of the game and it does a good job of pulling you in. Obviously there much more to that than I described. There are witches, inquisition (who looks like Sally Whitemane porn from World of Warcraft), the castle itself, the town and many other things. All events feature some sort of adult theming in it, so you will never be bored, that's for sure.
The writing is simple, but not bad, sometimes even humorous.
Gameplay consists of mostly "find a person to talk to". There are some stealth segments, but nothing too hard, so don't worry. And, like any good game, there is a quest diary, so you will never get lost on what to do next.
I was also surprised by the amount of scenes in the game. And some of them are hidden! So make sure you interact with everything, you may find a hidden scene.
Speaking of scenes and variety of them, there is A LOT. And you will always find something naughty as you play. I don't think 5 mins can pass without someone fucking you or spanking your butt or grabbing your tits and so on. So variety and timing of scenes is great. Always something to enjoy.
Also the amount of female heroines is great. It's not just our main thief herself, if you interact a lot you will find scenes with all sorts of girls. I think there is even Morrigan from Dragon Age lookalike. Although... could be something else.
Forgot the mention the most important part. Most of the scenes are... animated! That's right!
Go check the game out yourself and don't forget to support the developer!
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Link to the game: Relicts of Aeson