Lil' Red Hood's Game Review : Third Crisis

I’ll just have to warn you all that this review might be biased because I love this game. But I’ll try to be objective, here we go.
So. What do we have here? Third Crisis is quite a unique sex game since it’s not a visual novel or a simple rpg. This is a tactical adult rpg. Think XCOM meets hentai. This lends the game the unique flare that you won’t see in other games and even if you are not a big fan of tactics, I do believe you will enjoy this game nonetheless. But let’s go over everything one by one.
We’ll start, as usual, with the story. We play as Vibe, quite a successful adventurer through space, who, unfortunately was forced to move to a new place after her last mission went wrong. Carceburg seems like a normal town at first, but soon we’ll be uncovering all types of mysteries and secrets about it. Of course, I’d remiss not to notice that this town is filled with perverts, lechers, sex, gangbangs, lewdity and so on. Of course it’s our choice how we use this. You can absolutely jump head first into the sex craze and even use sex moves on enemies, turning our adventurer into a slut.
Or you can choose an innocent approach. No. We won’t be doing that, let her collect every cock in town. Anyway. The story picks more and more as you play, soon becoming a conspiracy of a larger scale and an organization, which is trying to enslave humanity. I highly advice that you follow the story, as it will make the world feel alive.
The strong world needs strong gameplay though, and as I mentioned in the beginning we have quite a unique beast. Tactical RPG hentai game? Yeah. Some of our time will be spent walking around the town, talking to people, getting fucked hard and advancing the story. The other part is fights. They are done in XCOM style, which means we’ll be taking turns moving our heroes, choosing to attack, defend or lewd’em up. The game is quite easy at first, but soon you will have to employ advanced tactics to survive. If you are a fan of not only using your cock but also your brain, this game will stimulate it quite a bit. The other thing I like is that some bosses require more attention than others. Some you can only damage after doing something specific, which lends a unique challenge. Overall gameplay is very solid here and I never felt like I was doing something useless. I usually always knew where to go and what to do. Plus exploring and hunting for sex scenes is fun in an of itself, so you’ll never be board. And with fights this good and unique? Well. The fun never ends.
So we have good story, amazing gameplay, but what about the art? Well, naughty boy, you are in LUCK. Because the game’s artists are absolutely amazing, presenting a recognizable, sexy style.
High marks for the art, as expected.
Last thing to discuss, of course, is the frequency of the sex scenes and how long can your cock remain hard (or pussy wet in my case). You will get pictures after completing jobs, winning fights, exploring the town, healing (sexual healing), losing fights, whoring yourself out, speaking with friends and doing lewd things in combat. There are many sex events, so even during a fight you will stay aroused, waiting for the next scene to unlock.
Story, gameplay, art it’s all good, but sometimes what a game needs is just to keep you aroused for a long time to reach a hard orgasm. This game succeeds greatly in this regard.
So what do we have in the end? Well, it’s really hard to find flaws here. This is an extremely well made. The only reason you won’t like it, if you don’t enjoy epic adventures and prefer short animations. If you are not a fan of following this story, this game might also not be for you.
Story, gameplay, art it’s all good, but sometimes what a game needs is just to keep you aroused for a long time to reach a hard orgasm. This game succeeds greatly in this regard.
But as far as this Red Hood goes? Yeah, I am confident in giving this game all 5 stars. There is not a single element of this game that does not perform it’s duty excellently.
Changes for version 0.54 This month’s release adds new improvements to the Lovense integration, along with new pinups, character sprites, pinups, and even more QoL changes and bug fixes!
Link to the game: Third Crisis