Lil' Red Hood's Game Review : Welcome to Nicest

Welcome to the... Welcome to Nicest.
That was a bit of an awkard intro, but do not let it detract from this great game. Or should I say, game with a great potential? Well, let's read on and find out more about it!
Welcome to Nicest is an adult RPG maker game, without the usual RPG elements (aka battles, leveling etc). And it plays more like a visual novel.
The game is made by Naughty Underworld. You can check their main page here - Naughty Underworld main website.
And you can support them here - Naughty Underworld - Welcome to Nicest Patreon.
The story centers around a two brothers and their "family" (you are free to decide the relationships yourself). The most unique and the most striking feature of this game is that you get to choose the protagonist yourself. You can play as one of the aforementioned brothers. One of them is quite literally named Chad (queue the meme) and the other is Chuck (queue the other meme). If you've been on the internet for any period of time, you'll know which one to choose according to your prefence.
In case you don't, Chad story is heavily based on hunting and raising affection with the girls and women surrounding him. This is the alpha approach, so if you prefer to be the one 'fucking' so to say, then you should choose that option.
On the other hand, if you prefer the NTR content and prefer the voyeur style of gameplay, then choose the other brother - Chuck.
Regardless to say, this is one of the most unique story elements I have seen in any game. Usually NTR can be a quite a punch to the gut in any game, but here, you can choose the side that you wish.
The story outside of that is currently being developed. You can still see a lot of CG scenes. The story, while may be simple for some, serves to drive the sex scenes forward at a nice pace.
Speaking of pace, currently, you don't need to do any difficult actions to unlock the scenes. As you get through the intro you will get a choice of which girl to pursue (or see the NTR). You can just choose a girl and see the next scene and develop relationships. Pretty soon you will be able to see quite hot scenes!
Speaking of the hot scenes, I'm sure the art speak for itself here. It's the best hand-drawn pictures, featuring a lot of facial expressions and poses.
If you still enjoy the good old 2D cartoon style porn, then you will for sure love that. There is abolutely nothing bad that can be sad about the art here. It's top tier for sure.
The other thing that I like is the frequency of the scenes. It won't take you long to start discovering different variants and then enjoy them in full. If you just prefer to skip the dialogue and get to the good stuff, you can press and hold Z (or press and hold the finger on your mobile device) in order to skip the dialogue.
And that is the only reason why I removed one star. The dialogue is... a bit weak in the game. It's not horrible, don't get me wrong, but this is the game which puts bull and cuck path forward for you to choose. I feel like the dialogue should reflect this more. Also, the story can be a bit generic at times, but I figure the story is not really the main focus here.
Overall, I'll say that this is the game with a LOT of potential. I hope you will keep your eyes on it both on our website and on the developers site. Because, I feel like, soon it will become full 5/5 of stars! But for now, we'll go with 4/5 stars. I enjoyed myself very much with it and hope to see more.
Link to the game: Welcome to Nicest