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Rock-Paper-Scissors with Roxanne

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Have fun playing a game of rock-paper-scissors with your opponent Roxanne. Beat her in this game to take off all of her clothes and see that beauty in various sexy poses.
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Comments (56)
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moart 2010-11-15 19:05:28
stupid game but nice pics
Kate 2010-11-15 19:22:21
Not bad, not bad at all.
Anonymous 2010-11-15 20:08:19
r they running out of ideas
Anonymous 2010-11-15 20:13:29
nice game
Anonymous 2010-11-15 20:14:14
fifth numba 5
Anonymous 2010-11-15 20:33:21
terrible game, terrible pics.
kamel 2010-11-15 21:24:56
Anonymous 2010-11-15 21:28:36
sweet becky 2010-11-15 21:38:28
it was very easy
junior 2010-11-15 22:00:11
wish they would do a new sim brothel maybe with some videos
pinstripe 2010-11-15 22:10:55
girls check my profile xx
Bubba 2010-11-15 22:24:01
Dude, Are you seriously expecting to get laid by using gamesofdesire? Well at least you didn't go around posting your privates...
Hotness 2010-11-16 01:31:47
I like how she looks, pretty. At least it wasn't strip poker again.
Big Will 2010-11-16 07:42:16
i am not sure about if i finished it or not?! :D
t_nadia 2010-11-16 09:44:40
Will,it says You Win! :)
roy 2010-11-16 10:50:07
stop doing this shits
xxnaughtygirlxx 2010-11-16 15:29:46
not too difficult to play, perfect for me! and i love the graphics!
Wes_S 2010-11-16 16:54:26
Eh...I thought this one was a little boring. The girl is beautiful though.
Bigger Johnson 2010-11-16 19:14:45
There are some real piece of shit games on this site, this being one of them.
Jimmy 2010-11-16 23:36:13
not bad so easy, i would so lick that chick pussy shot is so hot would love to see how hard i could make her cum
The Ghost 2010-11-17 03:45:27
Lame cuz they hide one of the best parts
cutie88 2010-11-17 10:46:43
that was nice and easy
WildAnimal 2010-11-17 15:47:08
She is hot! :) Yea I like it simple :)
Brett Favre 2010-11-18 05:06:30
Wes, you look like a real faggot.
celia_mendoza31 2010-11-18 09:57:27
check my profile
Laura1989 2010-11-18 14:18:08
Please someone can give me a hint or a key to beat her! Or i am relly unlucky!!
Kokun 2010-11-18 15:12:39
Laura, I know how you feel. It's really all just luck.
Juan Guzman 2010-11-18 18:14:55
Nice game and nice pussy and tits love you roxane
sweet becky 2010-11-18 22:33:58
nice pics. wanna play with me?
drew 2010-11-19 08:27:47
very good game
Anonymous 2010-11-19 09:05:40
i would love 2 sweet becky
Real Johnson 2010-11-20 04:01:11
Where and wehn sweet becky
jair 2010-11-21 05:50:25
where and wehn sweet becky
Anonymous 2010-11-21 07:43:17
I won by spamming rock...
Laura1989 2010-11-24 09:18:14
Now i try with spamming rock!!
cutie88 2010-11-24 15:09:14
i choose scissors each time
dionz 2010-11-24 15:24:29
nice picture...
ItaCurious 2010-11-25 16:59:26
cutie is right, spamming scissors are the key to win, btw nice girl...good tits!
fuck numbers 2010-11-26 15:37:50
numbers suck stop fucking doing them
celia_mendoza31 2010-11-28 03:51:57
check my profile
demonknight619 2010-12-01 14:40:52
well dat was ez...and da girl is kinda cute
Laura1989 2010-12-08 14:03:03
Finally i won!! Thank you for hint about spamming shissor!!
sweet becky 2010-12-11 09:23:51
the game is too short
lolko90 2010-12-29 08:08:37
very borinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng
baroch@ 2011-01-11 16:28:07
nice games......molto bello!!!
bgdu93 2011-01-15 08:57:18
ki ve plan cam sexyy
drak 2011-03-02 18:08:18
minha rola tem 1 metro e nao cabe boca mas no peito e na buceta de voces entra rapido ne gatas bucetudas
??? 2011-03-07 00:31:58
Not to Bad
t_nadia 2011-03-07 11:33:21
boring... i have seen better
zeakman17 2011-03-11 19:44:31
This game sucks
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