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Wet Conjuration 0.0.4

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This project is still under construction and there are only a few animations in there, but we are glad to support this author by publishing early beta version of the game. The plot of it is very simple and similar to our own Magic Book or Magic Shop games. You have to mix different ingredients in order to get magical transformations.
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Penny.Love 2019-02-13 12:22:16
I nеed a cоuple. Find mе herе ->
A Vet 2017-07-06 10:02:31
This is basically the magic book game, but worse.
Fucking Fagoot Fucking a Frying Pan (FFFP) 2017-07-05 17:32:58
This game needs more choices and an action for every choice but it's a nice concept (even though it's already been done before)
t 2017-07-05 04:52:18
is it supposed to block when u mix heart with lightning?
Cewl Cewl 2017-07-04 18:14:49
Would love to have cumshot animations in a future update. There's a lot of potential here!
Cool Cool 2017-07-03 17:53:18
Would be perfect with more action and combinations
kett 2017-06-29 16:50:58
i whish there was more to choss
guy fourth 2017-06-29 12:18:45
you have the autor's links in the left side (down) you just need to click
guy second 2017-06-29 11:40:18
Why not including the author's name in description also?
guy 2017-06-29 04:49:08
game has potential
Jimmy Johns 2017-06-29 00:04:58
Wewlad. Also first, eat a dick. :^)